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Ideal Bike Corporation 愛地雅工業股份有限公司

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Today is 26,Sep,2017
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Ideal Bike Corporation was established in 1980 and today offers three industry-leading manufacturing locations in Taiwan, China, and Poland. Ideal has provided over 30 years of quality manufacturing to the bicycle industry worldwide, and aims to offer the best product, professional service, and superior pricing that elevates the competitive standing of its customers in markets worldwide.

 Mission and Vision
l   Protect the planet: adopt and model eco-friendly production that conserves energy and reduces CO2 emissions
l   Adopt just-in-time production on bicycle products
l   Provide consistent product quality, maintain the highest level of professional service, and enhance a strong R&D team
l   Develop strategic alliances to achieve win-win value chain partnerships
l   Pursue continuously profitable growth, encourage innovation, and ensure enterprise vitality
l   Engage in international management
l   D... [Details]
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